AdBlock Plus – Now with ads!

So my preferred ad blocking tool, Ad Block Plus has set the internet alight with controversy after announcing that they will start selling ads, effectively becoming an ad network themselves, while blocking the ads of competing ad networks.


Naturally, this has sent ad networks, webmasters and content creators to scurry for their digital torches and pitchforks, and rightly so. While I agree that this move by Ad Block Plus is insanely anti-competitive and greedy, I understand quite clearly where the true blame for this lies: With the ad networks, webmasters and content creators themselves. Had the advertising industry taken notice of the fact that people don’t want to slog through marshes of shitty ads and mended their ways, ad blocking tools would never have become as popular as they are in the first place. Nope. Instead, they made their annoying ads harder to circumvent with the introduction of things like unstoppable ads on YouTube.

Yes, I used a meme generator for this. Yes, I do have Photoshop installed on my computer, and probably could have done a better job than this. No, I don’t care.

I actually have an odd opinion on ad blocking, because I am a digital marketing manager for a global tourism related company. A big part of our company revenue depends on people seeing and reacting to ads I am responsible for making. However, I am also an avid ad-block user. You may think me hypocritical to be an advertiser while simultaneously blocking unwanted ads on all my own devices.

However, instead of being part of the problem, I try to be a part of the solution. In both my work ethics and private browsing habits, I follow some rules I set for myself, which I believe justifies my position:

At work, I refuse to make the same kind of ads that I find annoying. If I don’t want to be annoyed by a specific as type, like animated ones for example, then I don’t want to annoy other people either. A large number of other advertisers seem to take a “Maybe if we piss everyone off with our ads enough, they’ll buy our stuff!” approach. I however tend to spend the vast majority of our marketing budget on AdWords campaigns, running on Google’s search network. How can people hate ads, if the ads they see are exactly what they just searched for? Our Click-through and conversion rates definitely seem to support this idea.

As for blocking ads, on mobile I block ads on all sites where the ad floats above content, or is animated in any way (and especially if the ad is a video). Those little banner ads that always sits at the bottom of the page can fuck right off. Real estate is precious on devices with small screens such as smartphones, so to have ads that always sit above actual content ruins the experience and is unacceptable in my opinion. Then there is the fact that if I am browsing on my mobile, there is a good chance I am using mobile data, and video/animated ads are costing me data, which is also unacceptable. On desktop I am a little more lenient. I tend to whitelist sites that have relatively unobtrusive ads that aren’t animated or play sound of any kind.

While I am sympathetic to the content creator’s plight, I feel the industry as a whole is to blame for the situation we are in. For years as consumers, we have voted against annoying and obtrusive ads, as the huge download numbers for ad blocking tools would suggest. However ad networks and the website who rely on them for revenue responded by shaming consumers into abandoning the practice with their “I see you are using an ad blocker, here’s a full screen pop-up with the content creator’s version of a picture of a starving child to make you feel bad”, rather than meeting people halfway by, oh I dunno, not having annoying fucking ads in the first place.

While AdBlock plus is showing their greed off more publicly now and are rightfully being criticized for it, it is the fault of advertisers, the networks they use and the websites who put very little effort into ensuring the ads they display don’t ruin user experience who are to blame, and set the stage for this to happen in the first place. The advertising industry missed a very important lesson: Consumers don’t want to be annoyed into buying products. You may inform us and even try to tempt us, sure, but when you are doing the digital equivalent of forming a human blockade on a city sidewalk shouting your pitch at us over a loudhailer, you can’t blame us for wanting to avoid you at all costs.

It is perfectly OK for you to have a desire to sell me something, but the second you get in my way to do so, you can fuck off. At least Google seems to be catching on.

AdBlock Plus – Now with ads!

Stupid science denying assholes kiled their kid

I wish there was a way around the issue of herd imunity when it came to vaccines. In the perfect world, anti-vaxx idiots and their kids would go die of painful and preventable diseases where they can’t bother or hurt anyone else. Immune compromised people can go about their lives, and the they can all sit around dying, rubbing  ancient-bullshit tea leaves on each other’s foreheads and drinking the juice of monkey-butt berries while bragging about how they stuck it to the man.

This brings me to this excellent example of science denying idiocy:

A fuckwit couple from Canada with the collective intelligence of a wallnut (or a maple leaf since it is Canada), are in the Alberta courts accused of attempting (and failing) to treat their 19 month old unvaccinated son with meningitis (because of fucking course he wasn’t vaccinated) by feeding him horseshit remedies (the scientifically accurate name for holistic medicine) instead of taking him to a doctor. It’s a damn shame being an idiot doesn’t seem to negatively affect fertility.

So, dear David and whatever the woman’s name was (I’m not reading that article again, I am already pissed off enough), this is for you:

Your baby is dead because of your butt-fuckingly retarded beliefs, and I have one thing to say to you: Good fucking job. I hope you two feel terrible, because you fucking deserve to. You sure showed up “Big Pharma”, congratulations. That was probably the worst thing I have ever said on my blog since it involves an innocent child losing his life, and it was also three things instead of one, so I apologize for that. This world doesn’t need braindead dumbfucks like these peddling their bullshit supplements and alternative medicines to people who need actual fucking medical attention, like their own son did.

And that last part about them being bullshit peddlers is true, these idiots own an online holistic nonsense store called Truehope Nutritional Support Inc, where they sell crap to gullible people, crap like a supplement called Empowerplus that supposedly cures bipolar disorder. Fuck you. To sell idiots overpriced shit on the internet is one thing, but to actively encourage weak people into ignoring proper health advice and use your rubbish instead of seeking attention from actual doctors is nothing short of criminal.

And finally the predictable happened to this couple thanks to their idiotic beliefs: They fucking killed someone, their own flesh and blood even. I know being glad that someone’s infant son died a tragic death is a terrible thing, and that hell has probably just upgraded my already reserved room because of this, but I just don’t have a single slither of sympathy for these fucking dickheads, and I am glad because at least this child is at peace now. Dumbasses: YOU killed your child because YOU refused to give him the medical attention he needed because of your stubborn refusal to believe in scientifically proven medicine.

If you are an anti-vaxxer or believe in holistic remedies or homeopathy, you are what is wrong with the world and you need to have some common fucking sense slapped into you. Assholes that go on Dragon’s Den to sell bottles of fucking water to cancer patients and anti-vaxxer’s fucking up herd imunity putting other people at risk (and have actually killed innocent people already), these are the cunts that prey on the sick and the weak minded to make money, pushing their reckless agenda while people either die from, or are infected with perfectly preventable diseases.

Parents: vaccinate your fucking kids. Take them to actual doctors when they get sick. For fuck sake. Even if “Big Pharma”was in it to take your wallet for a ride, why would you refuse a proven and tested treatment, and let your son lie there for days dying instead? Hell, “Big Car Manufacturer” is in the business for the money, but I don’t see you assholes walking everywhere to get to your stupid rallies and protests while refusing to use your smartphones made by “Big Tech” to promote your bullshit on “Big Social Media”.

Bunch of stupid motherfuckers.

Stupid science denying assholes kiled their kid

Online auctions (and the websites they are on) are bullshit.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I figured this could easily be my longest post yet, because I made a thing in Photoshop…


… that also has words in it.

Yes indeed, dear readers. Those are actual auctions, and yes that dickhead totally thinks a fucking number plate is worth a house deposit (as long as you don’t live in Auckland because homeless people in Auckland probably have cardboard boxes worth more than that). If this thing sells, I am going to have egg on my face, because that would make that guy a god-damn genius who just turned a $700 (already overpriced) piece of metal with letters on it into $20,000. I added that link so you guys can laugh at me when it inevitably happens.

Since we are already discussing online auction sites, I can now change the subject to the website that crappy auction was found on: TradeMe. It’s like Ebay, except if these websites were diseases, Ebay would be a slightly stuffy nose compared to the infected, puss spewing genital wart TradeMe is. I hate that website. Mainly because the people on it can be described like this:

Sellers: Wants to sell a probably ruined and shitty second hand item for 5 times more than you can buy a new one for. Or, you know, $20,000 for a fucking number plate.
Buyers: Wants to pay you $5, or trade you second hand chewing gum stuck to half a shoe for your expensive and highly desirable item listed for a very reasonable price, so instead of buying the damn thing, they “follow” you like a bunch of fucking lemmings. If only the internet had a cliff…

I had a whole other paragraph to write about how terrible their search algorithm is, but while screenshot hunting for this article, I found that they may have fixed it. So kudos I guess. Now just stop screwing us over with your shitty feedback system:


That guy is not alone either, it happened to me once. Well, a similar thing anyway. I needed a fridge, so I bought one off a seller. I made contact immediately to arrange payment and pick up. Long story short, 2 weeks and 5 emails later I was left with warm food, an empty email inbox and a mild temper (mild for me anyway). I placed bad feedback and proceeded to buy a different fridge. Not even 10 minutes afterwards, I receive two emails: One from the lady selling the other fridge losing her shit because I placed bad feedback, the other a notification from TradeMe that feedback has been placed. Bad feedback.

Yes, my perfect score ruined because of a shitty seller not making or returning contact, and I get to have a permanent shitty red emoticon because TradeMe refuses to remove it. Thank god for Facebook buy/swap/sell groups!

Online auctions (and the websites they are on) are bullshit.

Get off the road, grandma.

I don’t hate our senior citizens. New Zealand became the country it is today thanks to the labour of generations that came before us, and for that I am very grateful. Sure, they could have done a better job when it comes to things like planning city transport networks properly instead of  throwing last-minute fixes at things long after it is needed, but they still did alright. So, excuse me while I sound like an asshole by saying this: Old people shouldn’t drive.

Oh no he didn’t…

Ok, ok, turn caps lock off and step away from the comments section for just a second. I admit, not ALL old people are shitty drivers, so let me follow up on that previous sentence by doing a last-minute add on (much like what the Auckland council does with transport problems):

“Unless they can pass physical driving tests to prove they are still capable and confident drivers.”

I’m not saying we should be taking the older generation’s freedom away, but there has definitely been an increase in instances where an elderly man or woman managed to cock up while driving with disastrous results. One of the more common causes of incidents involving older drivers, is where they mess up the very first thing someone learns when driving a car: Which pedal makes you zoom-zoom like you’re in a Mazda commercial, and which pedal makes you stop. Between what shouldn’t even be a beginner mistake and legitimate medical reasons, older drivers have been responsible for quite a bit of bent metal recently, and in this terrible case, a fatality. At some point, a line has to be drawn in the sand. Like a host of other problems caused by shitty drivers in NZ, the blame for this lies squarely with driver licensing system and the fact that we seem to be handing the fucking things out like candy.

A drivers license is not just a plastic card which you show off to work colleagues and friends while playing a game of “who has the worst looking photo on an official document.” Its one and only purpose is to prove that the holder of the license is 100% confident and capable of operating a motor vehicle in all scenarios a driver is expected to encounter on a regular basis. Yet for some reason we have people who can’t pull into a parking spot in under 30 attempts, which is funny on YouTube, until you realise those people share the road with you, or those who can’t seem to tell the difference between two arrows pointing in different directions. A few years ago, I was offered a ride home from an old work colleague. Upon reaching the motorway (highway for the non-Kiwi’s) she got to about 60km/h and stayed there. When I asked her why she’s doing 40km/h under the speed limit, she replied “I am too scared to do a hundred”. Too scared to do 100km/h? Who the fuck gave you a license? If you are too “scared” to do something you’re expected to be able to do, then you don’t qualify to hold a license. Ever heard of an airline pilot too scared to land an airplane? Think he’d have a license?

The same can be said for every time an old man or lady do the ol’ switch-a-roo on the pedals by mistake. If a driver reaches the stage in their driving life where they panic in completely normal situations and end up standing on the gas pedal instead of the brake resulting in a crash, then their license should be revoked and not be allowed to drive. Much like how you don’t give a gun license to someone who’s first instinct is to look down the barrel after a miss fire, we should probably stop giving drivers licenses to people who sit at roundabouts waiting on cars several miles away because they’re too scared to go, and definitely start taking them away from people who don’t qualify anymore.

Now, some of you may already be saying how there already are some controls such as a medical check up in place to make sure older drivers are healthy enough to drive, and they’d be correct. At the very least, these help shrink the number of crashes caused by medical reasons. However, this does nothing for completely healthy people who just plain can’t drive or react faster than a snail in the way of a steam roller.


According to the flow chart above, if you are over 75 and a doctor declares you medically fit to drive, you’re good to go, license renewed. Only in some cases are older drivers required to pass an on-road safety test. What I am saying is the top two options in that chart shouldn’t be there, especially when we consider the fact that people’s lives are at stake. Check our that link, specifically figure 3, which is a road fatality break down by age. The New Zealand Transport Agency loves doing their “speed kills” ads, and how we should all pay better attention at intersections. That’s all well and good, but not once have we seen a “If you can’t fucking drive, don’t drive” campaign. Here, I’ll start us off with a billboard:


I think it is high time we get onto that one.

Get off the road, grandma.

I have been very very busy lately…

So, hi. Been a while… I know, I’m useless. The truth is, I have had an absolutely mental December and January. I have been overseeing a massive website redevelopment over the last few months, and on the 14th of January, it went live… and everything went to hell.

Anyone who works in software development will no doubt feel my pain. Bugs happen. The crazy thing was, I was the one responsible for acceptance testing, and since I take my job very seriously, I had it planned out more than a month before I was required to start testing, and I tested like I have never tested before. Overall, I probably tested various systems hundreds of times, from every use perspective possible. Everything passed, I was happy and full of confidence while sitting in front of the computer in my underwear (I worked from home that day, don’t worry).

I won’t bore you with the details, so I will sum it up this way: I have been doing a lot of extra hours working alongside the development team to fix what I can only describe as an avalanche of bugs while fighting off angry customers, angry bosses and an angry fiance trying to sleep (She was on night shift, she’s a nurse).

The point of this post is mostly to make excuses for me not posting in a long time, so here’s hoping it worked. For those of you ready for some more rants, don’t worry, I have a whole bunch up my sleeve!

I have been very very busy lately…

I wrote a post about clickbait, you will never guess what happened next!

if you’re reading this article because the title of the post was the most gripping thing you’ve read since the instructions that came with prescription medicine, then fuck you. You’re what’s wrong with the internet. Click bait has got to be one of the most annoying trends of modern social networking. Everyone wants their article or video to get millions of views, yet almost all of them eventually realize nobody is going to give two shits about the content, so they have to resort to lying to you about what’s inside to get your click. It’s like giving someone a dried dog turd in a beautifully decorated and intricately gift-wrapped box. It may look exciting from the outside, but you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment once you’re in.

Sure, I know click bait titles have been around for as long as newspaper reporters needed to find a way to trick people in reading their article about something that was only interesting to the guy writing it in the 1920’s, but I think we can all agree that Facebook has turned click bait into a modern god damn plague. I’ll use something that came across my Facebook wall today as an example. Mr Nick Johnson is adamant that our jaws are about to experience the most drop worthy thing in their entire lives, yet presents us with a boring as fuck video of something that was probably cool in the 1970’s when Canon released a lens that let people do this, which is called tilt shift photography. Or maybe I am wrong? Maybe tilt shift videos are such a new and exciting discovery that this truly is as  jaw dropping as he says…

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.59.21 pm.png

Hmm, guess not. Maybe it’s the only tilt shift video of Wellington, New Zealand?

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.34.00 pm.png


Then there is the entire fucking website this article came from, HomeSnacks. For starters, there isn’t a single cheese cracker or bagel anywhere on the home page, so you’re already lying about the snacks part, But the worst part is still to come.

This, for example, was the social card on Facebook for the article:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.03.20 pm.png

If you didn’t watch the video, you may be wondering what that mysterious lady circled in yellow did, after all, this is the most jaw dropping thing you’ll see today! But, if you’ve understood my article so far, you would not be surprised to learn that this lady doesn’t even appear in the video, nor does she have any-fucking-thing to do with the video whatsoever. The fucking tools that run that website just circled a random god damned woman in a random photo to make people click on their shitty links. I’d like to point out that I did actually like the video, it is neat. I’m just saying these assholes are selling a “made for the photo shoot” Big Mac, while giving us the normal one you get in a McDonalds.

And if you think the click bait is only strong with one article on this god awful website that somehow attracts more than 2 people and their mum’s, then these are the other articles I found… just on the home page:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.19.15 pm.png

And before you ask: No, none of the circled or pointed at things in the photos have anything to do with what the fucking articles are about. And the more observant of you may have spotted a pattern in their article titles as well. I think I know what they’re doing. Ever noticed how when a stand up comedian say a city’s name on stage the whole crowd lose their shit? “OMG, he said the name of a city I live in, WHOOOOOOOOO”. I think HomeSnacks is simply trying to take advantage of the same phenomenon. The comments from New Zealander’s on that article I linked earlier seems to confirm that this is indeed working pretty well.

As much as I hate to admit it, HomeSnacks seems to have made a pretty damn successful business out of this. They somehow managed to get over 401k unique monthly visitors by posting half-arsed content dressed in full-arse suits, and laughing all the way to the bank with their advertising dollars.

So I guess the real question is, who are the biggest assholes? The websites posting click bait, or the mindless drones that like, share and follow these terrible wastes of internet real estate?

I wrote a post about clickbait, you will never guess what happened next!

“The war on men” needs to fucking stop – International Men’s Day Special

Oh boy… I was wondering when I would be brave enough to tackle this subject. The gender debate is probably the only one that can give abortion, gun control and religious debates a run for their money. It can’t be put off any longer however, as I feel that even though there are amazing people discussing men’s issues, it is still not getting the attention it deserves. Hell, a university just got themselves into a pot of hot water by cancelling their planned International Men’s Day event because about 200 students and staff complained. The statement that came with the cancellation? Here’s the tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.53.44 am.png

Apparently, gender equality means recognizing only one gender’s issues, and ignoring the other completely. If the definition of “equal” was really that loose, I could probably pass high school maths by writing “anus” as the answer to every equation.

4+4= anus. Congratulations, here’s your Master’s Degree in Mathematics!

Since today is #internationalmensday, this is the perfect day for my biggest rant yet. So big in fact that I just used a god damn hashtag. You know shit is serious when I use one of those son’s of bitches. Now before we go anywhere near this can of worms and some easily offended readers (and if you are one, why the hell are you reading a rant blog?) start shitting themselves shouting “you fucking misogynist pig!” at their computer monitors or smartphones, let me make something perfectly clear:

I. Don’t. Hate. Feminists.

I don’t hate feminism either and as a matter of fact, I 100% support it. As an example, one gender equality debate that has engulfed many female celebrities and countless politicians around the world is the gender pay gap, which when you really look at things like years of experience, is not quite as big as people are saying. Regardless of the truth behind the gap, and whether quoted statistics are indeed correct or not, the point still stands that your salary should still have nothing to do with your gender. The dollar value that decorates your pay check should reflect your work ethics, years of experience and skill level. Nothing more, nothing less. Whether you have a inny or an outie between your legs should have no bearing on what amount of money you get to take home every pay day.

Feminism (rightly) seeks to fix these issues, and I can’t see why that would be a bad thing. Feminism has accomplished many other great things, such as giving women the right to vote and own property, the right to equal education and reproductive rights. These are all fantastic, and helped a great deal in narrowing the divide between the sexes over the last century.

There is a problem, however. While feminism has done a lot of good things for women around the world, some of the more modern and vocal men-hating feminists, or feminazis as they are affectionately known on the internet, are trying absolutely everything they can to break down “male privilege”, mostly by trying to ruin as many people’s lives as possible. Like the MP in the United Kingdom that burst out laughing at the suggestion that parliament should debate gender issues affecting men, such as the sky rocketing suicide rate, and the fact that men can also be victims domestic violence. Because a four times higher rate of suicide is fucking hilarious. I can’t believe a politician instead of a professional comedian came up with that zinger. It’s even better than the classic “deal with airline food” gag:

What’s the deal with male suicide rates? Amirite?! *audience laughs*

Then we have another example in this absolutely lovely and totally not an asshole person (who is a fucking Diversity Officer of all thing). spewing her beautifully poetic bullshit with a hashtag: #killallwhitemen. What an excellent role model for tolerance and equality! With those suicide rates quoted above, maybe she’s well on her way to accomplishing her goal, eh?

So, men are four times more likely to commit suicide, which if you’re not a certain UK MP, isn’t a joke. Know what else isn’t funny? Male victims of abuse. Of course, the cliche of the angry drunk husband beating his wife didn’t come to be by accident. There’s definitely a problem with domestic violence against women, and every measure available should be taken to help prevent it, and support women who suffered at the hand of their partners. With that said, a woman suffering abuse has a lot, and I mean a lot of organizations and people available to them when they go out looking for help.

A 2007 study found that about 24% of relationships were violent, and half of those were reciprocally violent, meaning both the male and female actively took part in the violence. The study also found that in non-reciprocal violent relationships, it is the woman who is the aggressor more than 70% of the time. That is to say, in cases of domestic violence where there is only one aggressor, that role was played by the female more than 70% of the time. Make of those statistic what you will, but it does at least highlight the fact that men aren’t always the abusers and are often victims of abuse as well. Now the accuracy and age of that study aside, this does lead me to yet another horrible fact: Nobody gives a flying shit about male abuse victims. There are women’s shelters scattered around just about every major city in the world, but almost none aimed at male victims. For example, in the UK the provision of refuge places 7,500 are for women where only 60 are for men. That article also states that 40% of abuse victims are men, yet the refuge places available to men only makes for 0.8% of the total.

Another problem is that it is hard for a male victim to seek help. Male victims are often laughed at or told that they probably deserved it when they try calling a domestic abuse hot line. Imagine a badly beaten woman turning up at a shelter and being told “she probably deserved it”. There would be a bloody war on their doorstep. Sometimes, like in the case of Australia’s Department for Child Protection and Family Support, they just go right out of their way to deny that male victims exist at all, and that the only domestic violence help a man will ever need basically amounts to “You’re a violent piece of shit, here’s how to not be a cunt to women. You asshole.”. If you don’t believe me, here’s a screenshot of their website. I highlighted a few things in case you miss them:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.27.07 pm

Even the “Freedom from fear” resources at the bottom has a 3 to 5 ratio of booklets blaming men for all domestic violence. The other two? The first one is just the same one for women, so that doesn’t even apply here, and the second one is pretty much just the web page itself in PDF format. So not only does a large chunk of society put their fingers in their ears shouting “la la la” whenever we mention male victims, we actively label every human being with the misfortune of having a penis as a potential abuser and refuse to acknowledge them when they are the victims.

Suicide rate starting to make sense yet? No? Well, it gets fucking worse:

Speaking of men being unfairly labeled, there is another label society just fucking loves to hurl at men: Rapist. Rape is a vile and disgusting crime, and perpetrators of rape deserve absolutely everything their country’s legal system can throw at them. Maybe even a heavy object or two. No woman should ever have to go through something like this. There are very few things that can do as much damage to a girl’s life than being a victim of sexual abuse. But nobody seems to give a shit that male rape victims exist too. Men are “made to penetrate” at virtually the same rate as women report rape, and nobody fucking cares.

Most men never report it, because they get laughed at and joked about, and in quite a lot of cases public opinion on male rape goes straight to the “What?! He should be happy! She’s hot!” basket. Nobody seems to understand that a man has just as much right to consent or say no as women do. A university in California took a lot of flak for putting up this poster:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.10.10 pm.png

Now before I get to this, I should say, I like that poster. Why? Isn’t it a horrible thing to say that women can’t consent when they’re drunk, but men can? That a man’s consent means nothing? The thing is, that’s how insanely biased against men rape allegations have become. At least this poster warns male students of the fact that the legal system is stacked against them, and that the best way to avoid a potential life destroying rape accusation is to simply stay the fuck away from drunk girls altogether. We have been indoctrinated for decades to believe that men can’t be victims, and that women can never be rapists. If I was a college age student in 2015, I’d have a motherfucking lawyer with me for every sexual rendezvous, and make everyone sign legal disclaimers stating that they did indeed consent before any horizontal jogging commences.

We haven’t even touched on fabricated rape allegations either. I have been exposed to far more stories about men that have been falsely accused of rape than there should ever exist, probably the most famous one being the article published by the Rolling Stone detailing the story of Jackie’s rape, that turned out to be a lie that got them in a lot of trouble, but only after plastering the poor guy’s name all over the internet. By far the worst part of this epidemic of girls crying rape to cover up an affair or for simply feeling guilty about a sexual encounter, is the insane amount of damage it does to the victims of the false accusations. Even after being acquitted of the crime, victims often face difficulties finding jobs and support since the accusation is the one thing that stands out the most in their public record. All the social media posts, Tweets and hastily assembled newspaper articles naming and shaming the guy when they are accused of rape stays in Google forever, even if they were proven innocent later on. No one ever goes back and delete those tweets, or rewrite the news articles to say that the man is actually not a rapist.

“Nice CV… but, we Googled him and found out that he is a rapist! Throw it in the bin.”

There’s a lot more I can talk about, be it accusing a grandfather of being a pedophile because he had the nerve to take his grandson to a pool, that there is a war on “manspreading” in public transport while nobody gives a single fuck that there is a lady two rows back taking up 3 seats with all her shopping bags, or the fact that husbands lose 83% of child custody battles after a divorce. But who gives a shit, right?

Look, I know some of you probably got to this part of this post thinking I hate women and that I am some bitter asshole who won’t be happy until gender equality has made a u-turn back to the 1950’s. That could not be farther from the truth. I simply want equality for ALL human beings, regardless of their race, sexual orientation and their gender. I want females who do the same job I do to have the same opportunities I do and get paid an equal amount. I want women to be able to feel safe from predators and have access to all the help and support they could ever need. I want to see more women in positions of power who deserve to be there because of their intelligence and hard work. I just don’t think the right path to equality is “Take everything away from men!” but rather by creating a level playing field on all fronts. I’ll trade you “equal paying jobs” for “men serving the same jail sentences as if a woman committed the crime”.

I saw this on Facebook recently:


That’s great, and I don’t say that sarcastically either. Everyone should be a supporter of their own rights and to not be discriminated against. All I’m trying to say is:

Why does there even have to be a “side” to be on in the first place? Why can’t everyone just be on “humanity’s side” instead of discriminating against each other based on what genitals they were born with?

We are all human, we are all equal. Lets start acting like it.



If you’re a man in the Caterbury region (New Zealand) in need of help, check out these amazing guys.

“The war on men” needs to fucking stop – International Men’s Day Special