Stupid science denying assholes kiled their kid

I wish there was a way around the issue of herd imunity when it came to vaccines. In the perfect world, anti-vaxx idiots and their kids would go die of painful and preventable diseases where they can’t bother or hurt anyone else. Immune compromised people can go about their lives, and the they can all sit around dying, rubbing  ancient-bullshit tea leaves on each other’s foreheads and drinking the juice of monkey-butt berries while bragging about how they stuck it to the man.

This brings me to this excellent example of science denying idiocy:

A fuckwit couple from Canada with the collective intelligence of a wallnut (or a maple leaf since it is Canada), are in the Alberta courts accused of attempting (and failing) to treat their 19 month old unvaccinated son with meningitis (because of fucking course he wasn’t vaccinated) by feeding him horseshit remedies (the scientifically accurate name for holistic medicine) instead of taking him to a doctor. It’s a damn shame being an idiot doesn’t seem to negatively affect fertility.

So, dear David and whatever the woman’s name was (I’m not reading that article again, I am already pissed off enough), this is for you:

Your baby is dead because of your butt-fuckingly retarded beliefs, and I have one thing to say to you: Good fucking job. I hope you two feel terrible, because you fucking deserve to. You sure showed up “Big Pharma”, congratulations. That was probably the worst thing I have ever said on my blog since it involves an innocent child losing his life, and it was also three things instead of one, so I apologize for that. This world doesn’t need braindead dumbfucks like these peddling their bullshit supplements and alternative medicines to people who need actual fucking medical attention, like their own son did.

And that last part about them being bullshit peddlers is true, these idiots own an online holistic nonsense store called Truehope Nutritional Support Inc, where they sell crap to gullible people, crap like a supplement called Empowerplus that supposedly cures bipolar disorder. Fuck you. To sell idiots overpriced shit on the internet is one thing, but to actively encourage weak people into ignoring proper health advice and use your rubbish instead of seeking attention from actual doctors is nothing short of criminal.

And finally the predictable happened to this couple thanks to their idiotic beliefs: They fucking killed someone, their own flesh and blood even. I know being glad that someone’s infant son died a tragic death is a terrible thing, and that hell has probably just upgraded my already reserved room because of this, but I just don’t have a single slither of sympathy for these fucking dickheads, and I am glad because at least this child is at peace now. Dumbasses: YOU killed your child because YOU refused to give him the medical attention he needed because of your stubborn refusal to believe in scientifically proven medicine.

If you are an anti-vaxxer or believe in holistic remedies or homeopathy, you are what is wrong with the world and you need to have some common fucking sense slapped into you. Assholes that go on Dragon’s Den to sell bottles of fucking water to cancer patients and anti-vaxxer’s fucking up herd imunity putting other people at risk (and have actually killed innocent people already), these are the cunts that prey on the sick and the weak minded to make money, pushing their reckless agenda while people either die from, or are infected with perfectly preventable diseases.

Parents: vaccinate your fucking kids. Take them to actual doctors when they get sick. For fuck sake. Even if “Big Pharma”was in it to take your wallet for a ride, why would you refuse a proven and tested treatment, and let your son lie there for days dying instead? Hell, “Big Car Manufacturer” is in the business for the money, but I don’t see you assholes walking everywhere to get to your stupid rallies and protests while refusing to use your smartphones made by “Big Tech” to promote your bullshit on “Big Social Media”.

Bunch of stupid motherfuckers.

Stupid science denying assholes kiled their kid

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