I have been very very busy lately…

So, hi. Been a while… I know, I’m useless. The truth is, I have had an absolutely mental December and January. I have been overseeing a massive website redevelopment over the last few months, and on the 14th of January, it went live… and everything went to hell.

Anyone who works in software development will no doubt feel my pain. Bugs happen. The crazy thing was, I was the one responsible for acceptance testing, and since I take my job very seriously, I had it planned out more than a month before I was required to start testing, and I tested like I have never tested before. Overall, I probably tested various systems hundreds of times, from every use perspective possible. Everything passed, I was happy and full of confidence while sitting in front of the computer in my underwear (I worked from home that day, don’t worry).

I won’t bore you with the details, so I will sum it up this way: I have been doing a lot of extra hours working alongside the development team to fix what I can only describe as an avalanche of bugs while fighting off angry customers, angry bosses and an angry fiance trying to sleep (She was on night shift, she’s a nurse).

The point of this post is mostly to make excuses for me not posting in a long time, so here’s hoping it worked. For those of you ready for some more rants, don’t worry, I have a whole bunch up my sleeve!

I have been very very busy lately…