Shitty teenage drivers are failing their driving tests. Labour MP: “Better lower the standards”

So, I just read this article on the New Zealand Herald’s website. Apparently, a bunch of teenagers ( and one really stupid Labour MP) are having a whinge about failing their drivers licence tests, and then having to pay to resit them. Now the cost of the tests is something I can agree with (it is pretty damn expensive), especially for families in lower income brackets. That is not what I am here to argue. No, my issue with this story is the fact that they are complaining about the tests being “hard”.

For us normal people, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Of course driving tests are hard, they’re supposed to be. The one and only purpose of a licence of any kind is to demonstrate that you are 100% comfortable and competent at doing the thing the licence is for, be it for using a firearm or propelling a 2-tonne piece of metal down a paved piece of earth and not mowing down children while texting your mates. Let me just say there is a very good reason commercial flights doesn’t start with the air hostess addressing the cabin with “Thanks for flying Air New Zealand, now, who wants to fly this fucker today?” No, that job belongs to the people who spent a fortune and several years earning their licences to be there.

Now let me introduce you to Labour MP Anna Lorck. She is not a normal person. To give you an idea of just what insane level of stupid we are dealing with here, here’s a quote from the article:

Ms Lorck said perhaps one way to address the situation was to allow restricted drivers who have had 12 or 18 months on the road who have not got a single demerit point in that time to go on to their full licence without another test.

“Why are we making people go back and sit a test when they have already been on the road driving?” she asked.

Why are we making people go back and sit a test when they have already been driving on the road? Why indeed?

How about “because if they can’t pass a test that is already far easier than it should be, then they are terrible fucking drivers, and giving them a bloody license is a really stupid fucking idea?”


I am actually having a hard time trying to express just how butt-fuckingly retarded her idea is. If  our solution to people failing things is to just straight up lower the standards to make them pass, then how long until we have idiots flying our airplanes, or becoming doctors?

“We know you’ve failed university, but seeing as how you’ve already been in medical school for 6 years, we’re just going to give you your doctorate anyway. Have fun performing potentially life threatening operations on people!”

Tests, and failing them, are crucial for a successful and safe community. You don’t get a “participation medal” in the real world. Especially when people’s lives are at stake. It’s time we embrace failure for what it is. Failure is not a sign of something being too hard, it is a sign of not being good enough.

So, Ms Lorck. How about we approach this in a less batshit crazy way, and propose that to help teenagers pass their tests, we actually teach them how to drive properly instead?

Shitty teenage drivers are failing their driving tests. Labour MP: “Better lower the standards”

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