Getting ID’d at 30 when buying alcohol pisses me off.

Can you tell the difference between the two photographs below?

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.56.40 pm

If you guessed “The left photo is of kids, while the right photo is of an adult that is probably above the legal drinking age” then congratulations on being much, much smarter than whatever mouth breathing asshole came up with the “if you look under 25, we’ll ask you for ID” nonsense.

I’m 30 years of age, so naturally whenever a supermarket employee is greeted by a box of beer and this face:


The first thing they do is make sure I am not an overly developed yet nervous and sweaty 12 year old trying to buy booze illegally from a fucking supermarket, the Nazi Germany of ID checking. Seriously, if you were underage, the absolute worst place you could possibly go for your illegal alcohol purchases is the supermarket.

Now look, I understand we can’t have pube-less drunkards throwing up on every street corner, but at the very least we should try and have a more common sense approach to this problem. If you can’t tell the difference between a teenager and a grown man, then you shouldn’t sell alcohol.

Getting ID’d at 30 when buying alcohol pisses me off.

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