Sky TV can fuck off.

Ever since Netflix brought their streaming service to New Zealand I was sold. I can watch TV shows and movies without ads, at only $12.99 a month? Brilliant! I can honestly say none of the TV’s in our house have been connected to an aerial or satellite dish in a very long time, and I don’t miss conventional TV even a little.

For a long time in New Zealand you had two choices if you’d like to watch TV: You either went for the free option, TVNZ, where you will be bombarded with annoying ads and countless hours of reruns. In the rare case we did get a new show to watch, it was always a good few months behind what people have access to in the rest of the world. But, it was free, and complaining about something you get for free is almost like complaining about your developing bald spot to a cancer patient.

The other option was to get Sky TV. The worst fucking thing to happen to TV ever. For starters, they are stupidly overpriced, ridiculously behind the curve of emerging technology, and when anyone dares bring out a competing service, they throw their toys out of the cot. The last part of that sentence was made crystal clear when Sky TV threw a massive legal tantrum when NZ ISP’s came up with “global Mode” allowing consumers to access overseas streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix. Sky TV is obviously not a happy toddler when anyone threatens their monopoly on TV content in New Zealand.

But of course, Sky TV now has their own streaming service. Funny how they only bring out something everyone has been wanting for years when another company comes to fill that gap in the market. Quickflix and now the New Zealand version of Netflix has been stealing a lot of customers, so Sky TV introduced Neon.

Neon is a st(r)eaming pile of dogshit (see what I did there?). For starters, Netflix and Quickflix steam HD content for $12.99 a month, and both services have decent, ever expanding libraries of shows and movies to watch. Neon is $20 a month, doesn’t stream HD content (in 20-fucking-15 no less) and a homeless person has more teeth that Neon has shows to watch. If they weren’t the only legal way of watching Game of Thrones in New Zealand, I’d be surprised they have customers at all.

The other reason people still hand over their hard earned money to Sky TV is sport. Now, I don’t watch Rugby, so this doesn’t really apply to me personally, but the only way to watch the world cup I am told is happening right now, is to be subscribed to Sky Sports. I’m sure you can find an online streaming source, but I didn’t care to look, because I can still make the point I am going for, which is: New Zealand’s very own TV network are not allowed to broadcast what is arguably the biggest sporting event for New Zealanders, because Sky fucking TV has the monopoly on all Rugby World Cup broadcasts. How sad is that?

Thank god for Netflix and VPN’s…

Sky TV can fuck off.

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