Facebook pages that link to a single photo instead of just posting the damn thing is annoying

Ever seen a funny picture on Facebook? I have, they are about the only reason I have Facebook to begin with. Facebook must like them too, because they added the most incredible functionality to their site: The ability to UPLOAD photos so people can look at them, right there in their very own newsfeed!

Amazing, I know. Zuckerberg may be a douche, but he knows what people like. I do hope then, that some of the more popular Facebook pages that share funny photos stumble upon and read this blog post, because I am sure they will feint from sheer excitement over this incredible technology.

It will definitely beat their current step by step method for sharing photos:

  1. Create a really, really terrible website, that is awkward and difficult to navigate.
  2. Plaster as many shitty, animated and noise making ads over any and all exposed parts of the website.
  3. Make sure that the photo people are there to look at is the absolute last thing to load, so that their iPhones will break down in tears under the weight of all the advertising, and beg the user to just go on without it before they get a chance to see the picture.
  4. Post a link to your shitty page on your Facebook page, making sure that the thumbnail of the picture makes it seem far funnier than what the full size one actually is.
  5. Look at the stats on your Google Analytics page while masturbating yourself to sleep because you have no friends.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.03.36 am

Like these assholes. That’s not a photo, it’s a link to their website. There is no other content on the page (unless you count ads as content), only links to other shitty click bait rubbish on other equally shitty websites.

I know why they do it. These websites aren’t sharing funny pictures to make our newsfeeds a happier place, they simply want you on their site so they can get a slice of that sweet ad revenue pie. The worst part is, they don’t even deserve it. The content is never original and they make their money by exploiting other people’s work.

And this is yet another reason I use Ad Block Plus, except on specific websites. I do believe that certain sites deserve their ad revenue, like one of my favorite websites, Cracked. They post original content on a daily basis, and they pay the people who write for them. Best of all their ads aren’t terribly intrusive (at least, there are far worse examples online).

I absolutely believe there is a happy medium where content creators and consumers can get along, Cracked is a great example, without people resorting to Ad blockers because website are either bombarding them with terrible and bandwidth hogging ads, or shitty content aggregator websites like 9gag lolface or whatever the fuck it’s called.

But of course, as long as shitty websites get paid to steal other people’s content, greed will always win.

Facebook pages that link to a single photo instead of just posting the damn thing is annoying

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