Unskippable ad on YouTube? Fuck it, I didn’t want to watch that cat video anyway.

Today’s post will tie in a little with my recent sales rep post regarding how I hate having whatever I am doing interrupted so that some asshole can try and sell me something. Nowhere is this worse than on YouTube, especially when we’re talking about ads that you can’t skip.

In 2013 statistics surfaced stating that 80 – 85% of YouTube ads that allow you to skip the ad after a few seconds, are in fact skipped. Now to a normal person, this simply means 80% of people aren’t interested in your company or product enough to stop what they are doing and buy it. The advertisers however believe the internet is a dictatorship, and the netizens should be forced to sit quietly and watch their shit.

Advertisers obviously don’t like paying money for ads that aren’t being watched, but instead of them taking these statistics and concluding that maybe people hate being interrupted while listening to 80’s music playlists, and they should find a better way to advertise their product, instead they came to the conclusion that if people don’t want to watch their ads, they should have their ads forced upon them. Can’t skip ads if you don’t give people the option after all.

They are almost like a parent shoving disgusting vegetables down a toddlers throat, only in this case the vegetable is an asshole in his garage telling you how awesome he is for owning a Lamborghini.

This is the guy:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.45.47 pm

Also yes, I know I have mentioned him before, I just hate him so much that he’s my go-to example of shitty YouTube ads. And yes I know you can skip his ad. I still hate him. Jesus I want to punch that guy.

Anyway, my point is this: If you want to show me an ad for a product I probably don’t want or need, then let me skip it. If I am forced to watch a 30 second ad so I can watch a cat fall off a kitchen table, it’s only going to make me hate your brand.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.52.03 pm

Unskippable ad on YouTube? Fuck it, I didn’t want to watch that cat video anyway.

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