Sales Reps: The real world’s pop-up ads.

I hate sales reps. On a near daily basis at work I receive emails and/or phone calls from people trying to sell us their shit. Since I work in online marketing, the “shit” usually takes the form of SEO services, social media experts or website designers.

I honestly can’t understand how sales reps (specifically tele-sales) can even exist. Have we as consumers become so dull and gullible that we put up with being called at dinner time by some teenager that hates their job and actually go through with a purchase? I can only imagine that this was the board room meeting that started it all:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.19.02 pm

Yes, I used a meme generator for that image. I googled “meme generator”. I needed a service, so I searched for it. They didn’t have to beg me via email or phone to use it. Effective, isn’t it?

This “annoy the fuck out of people till buy your stuff just to make you go away” strategy baffles me completely, mostly because my approach to marketing is based on my own experience being on the consumer side of the coin. Every time I consider a new marketing strategy, I as myself “How would I like to be advertised to?”

The answer is always the same: I like to see relevant ads only when I am actively searching for the product they are advertising in the first place. I get genuinely irritated having advertising thrown at my face, for products I have never, nor ever will consider buying. If I want to buy a magic bean that will make me lose an elephant’s weight in 3 minutes, I will go out looking for it. And then I would avoid anything that went anywhere near Dr Oz, because he is a fucking fraud.

The point is, if you want to sell something, sell it to the people already looking and ready to buy your product. Don’t email or call people begging them to buy your stuff. best case scenario, you find some idiots who throws their money at anything and everything. Worst case, you find people like me who now hates you so much, they will go out of their way to find your competitors and give them their money instead.

Sales Reps: The real world’s pop-up ads.

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