I hate discussion forums in Google search results

The internet is an incredibly useful thing. Almost any question has an answer buried somewhere on the information highway, and as a species, we have become so reliant on looking to the “series of tubes” for answers, Google may just as well be the world’s #1 religion.

But for what is arguably mankind’s greatest invention, it also has a dark side. From trolls and hackers to giving homophobes and racist a pedestal to shout their hatred from, the internet is as much a curse as it is a blessing. I shouldn’t need to explain why everyone should hate the groups I mentioned above, but there is one other group of people I feel deserve far more hate than they get.

I speak of course of people who reply to questions on a discussion forum with “This has been asked at least a trillion times!! Use the search function you brain damaged ape!”. Now, sure if someone asks the same question over and over again, I can understand why you’re not queuing up to answer the question all over again. But the one thing people don’t think about is this:

What if someone finds this thread through a Google search?

Want to know how to change your car’s oil? Or how to change a specific setting on your smartphone? Well good f**king luck. Should you try and Google it, you will most likely have to spend the next century filtering through all the forums where nobody answers the actual question, and instead just rage at each other for daring to ask that question again.

This definitely makes me think The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was wrong. The answer to life, the universe and everything is not 42. It’s “OMG! WTF, not this question again! I swear to god someone asks this at least 3 times a day!!!”

I hate discussion forums in Google search results

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