I just love paying $100 a month for some other asshole to get a free parking space

Some people think I am crazy for driving to work and back every day. Sure, I spend two hours a day in my car and it does cost more than taking the train, but I absolutely prefer it. Random strangers don’t usually find their way into occupying the seat next to me while I’m driving along. I don’t have to worry about my music being too loud either.

Not even the fact that I have to pay $100 a month for my car park in town could convince me to prefer sitting uncomfortable making accidental eye contact with the token crazy homeless-looking lunatic, who I can imagine only take the train as a way to meet and gross people out. And if you think you won’t run into one, think again. They are pretty much guaranteed to be sitting within earshot of you every time.

The one perk of paying for a dedicated parking spot, is that I am guaranteed one just the right side of a 5 minute walk from the office. Or so I thought. for the third time in two weeks I have pulled into the parking lot only to find someone else’s rust bucket occupying my spot. Of course, the big sign stating the fact that this is a private car park did nothing to deter this opportunist, since some people’s definition of “seize the moment” is simply “steal someone else’s shit before they can get to it and hope they don’t notice”.

I was not about to take all this sitting down, so I did what anyone like me would have done. I wrote a passive-agressive note and stuck it on his windshield:

Congratulations on finding a park in the city, I can just imagine how excited you must have been to find such a handy spot. There is however, one small problem. This park is not yours to take. The owners of the cars in this lot pay $100 a month for the privilege of parking them here, and we sure as shit don’t do it to give freeloaders like you somwhere to park for free!

Don’t worry about this note blowing off in the wind either, we have some super sweet glue in the stationary closet.

PS. Enjoy the towing fee.

I think I will save this note somewhere for future use…

I just love paying $100 a month for some other asshole to get a free parking space

One thought on “I just love paying $100 a month for some other asshole to get a free parking space

  1. Zelda says:

    I just read your Rudi Rants blog for the first time and needless to say, I enjoyed reading and identifying with your rants so far. As you mentioned I already liked one rant so far. Keep it up – but keep it clean. Your mum is reading this blog!


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